First of all I would like to thank BookLife for sending me a copy of this book, I always search for stories or play books for my son, and I forgot the non-fiction ones! There’s a huge selection of non-fiction books for kids and I always ignore them!
BookLife is focused on educative books for schools, so their books are colorful, interesting and attractive for the kids, they know what they have to do to draw the attention of our little ones!
This is the second post of the series where I’ll be featuring the BookLife books; the ones I’ll be sharing are focused on my little one interests and preferences, but really take a look at their homepage as I am sure you’ll find a lot of books that will fit on your child’s profile! If you want to take a look at my previous one, here is the link! 😉

This is another great book from the BookLife extensive catalogue, Big and Small by the artist Emilie Dufresne on the Opposites series. There are a few books at the Opposites series; Hard and Soft, Hot and Cold, Light and Dark, Loud and Quiet or Wet and Dry. I had the chance to review the Big and Small one.
Ready to take a sneak peak on it? Have you ever really thought of how many contraries are in the world? Hard or Soft; Light or Dark; Wet or Dry; Hot or Cold… and so many more!

Maybe you’ll be thinking which is the difference between this book and the other ones? The beautiful photographies showing each object, you almost feel that you can touch them! This makes a really eye catching book and with lot of information to keep the little ones interested!

I’ll have to admit that I’ve learn a few new things thanks to this book, take a look at this example page, I am sure you’ll love it!

There’s a little quiz at the end of the book to make the children fully understand what they have just read and possibly ask more questions or the world that surrounds them.
There are a few word markers during the book, it is because there’s a little glossary at the end of the book to help the little ones with the most difficult words. This is something that I always miss in most of the books for kids, seems something banal but really useful for the little ones.
You can find this book on Amazon for £7.84