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One Year Later by Sanjida Kay

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

Some secrets won’t stay buried…
Since Amy’s daughter, Ruby-May, died in a terrible accident, her family have been beset by grief. One year later, the family decide to go on holiday to mend their wounds. An idyllic island in Italy seems the perfect place for them to heal and repair their relationships with one another.
But no sooner have they arrived than they discover nothing on this remote island is quite as it seems. And with the anniversary of the little girl’s death
looming, it becomes clear that at least one person in the family is hiding a shocking secret. As things start to go rapidly wrong, Amy begins to question
whether everyone will make it home…

My Thoughts

Before your start with this book, take a deep breath; it’s gripping, emotional and dark; but you will be glued to it since the first page.
Grieving the death of a son/daughter is not easy, time will make it less painful, but sadness and grieve will never disappear. So, when Amy and Nick decided to do a little memoir for her daughter for her death’s anniversary in a remote island in Italy, they never thought it could end so badly!
There’s a major riff in the family, Amy blame her father for the accident but she is neither speaking to her sister. You can imagine the happy holidays they will have; grieve and angriness it make surface deep secrets hidden for a long time that will put all the family at the edge of acting without thinking of the consequences… maybe killing?
I like a good book full of lies and twists that make you doubt of all the characters and none of them, because since the beginning you know there’s a “body” but don’t know who or what happened. Maybe someone is ready to kill to hide their secrets? Or to kill because they can not face the “killer” of their children? Yes, I know so many questions! And of course, if you want to know all the answers you’ll have to read the book!
I’ve been wanting to read a book by Sanjida Kay for a long time and I have to say that it hasn’t disappointed me at all, full of secrets and lies inside a family can make any reader addicted to this book! Well written and full of interesting characters after reading “One Year Later” you’ll see your family in a different perspective, but no one can assure it has to be in a good way!
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About The Author

SANJIDA KAY is a writer and broadcaster. She lives in Somerset with her daughter and husband. She has written three previous psychological thrillers,
Bone by Bone, The Stolen Child and My Mother’s Secret to critical acclaim.