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The Kosher Delhi by Ivan Wainewright – Blog Tour

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The Kosher Delhi by Ivan Wainewright

Genre: Fiction
Source: Red Door Publishing
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

It’s the early 1990s.
Vic is twenty, naive and drifting grappling with his mixed Indian-Jewish heritage.
When he meets Yvonne activist, hedonist, social justice warrior his life changes in ways he could never have imagined.
They travel together from Leeds to London to New York. While Vic navigates fast-paced restaurant scenes, Yvonne ventures into the world of underground political music and tensions begin to rise. What begins as hedonistic travelling and young romance soon takes a darker turn as the racist underbelly of society is exposed with violent and fatal outcomes.

My Thoughts

This is a story about the choices we took when we were young and the consequences that they have on the rest of our life.
The story is based in the early 1990; Vik and Yvonne were young and ready to jump to every adventure possible if it was together, but things were notas easy as it seemed in the beginning. Vik is Jewish/Indian and his dream is to become a chef but when she meets the activist and brave Yvonne he can not resist to follow her till the end of the world; until one fateful night that everything will change. Vik is used to racism and hate comments, but one night he sees that being neutral is not an option and he has to change his way of acting, this will be the start of the end…
This had been a bittersweet story; full of music, food and love, how can the relation between Vik and Yvonne starts and progresses during the time. Their ups and downs and how their relation has always a special link that it will never be broken no matter what difficult situations they have to suffer, they can always have each other.
This is a story to enjoy, enter to the story without hurry and let the story absorb you, there are so many layers to enjoy and taste that you don’t want to loose them!
Ready to enter to The Kosher Delhi?

About The Author

Ivan Wainewright lives in Kent with his partner, Sarah and their slightly neurotic rescue dog, Remi. Before moving to Kent, he lived in North London, Leeds and Singapore.
When not writing, he can be found watching (and occasionally) playing football, running, listening to music from Chumbawamba to Led Zeppelin, arguing over politics and trying to cook. He has been an independent IT consultant for many years, working solely with charities and not-for-profit organisations.
The Kosher Delhi is his first novel, and his currently working on his second book.


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