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The Guilty Mother by Diane Jeffrey

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: HQ Stories
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

She says she’s innocent.
Melissa Slade had it all: beauty, money, a successful husband and beautiful twin babies. But, in the blink of an eye, her perfect life became a nightmare – when she found herself on trial for the murder of her little girls.
Jonathan Hunt covered the original Slade Babies case for the local newspaper. Now that new evidence has come to light, Jon’s boss wants him back on the story to uncover the truth.
With Melissa’s appeal date looming, time is running out. And, as Jon gets drawn deeper into a case he’d wanted to forget, he starts to question Melissa’s guilt.
Is Melissa manipulating Jon or telling him the truth? Is she a murderer, or the victim of a miscarriage of justice?
And if Melissa Slade is innocent, what really happened to Ellie and Amber Slade?

My Thoughts

This book has surprised me, it’s never easy reading a case where the main suspect is already in prison, because then it means that the case is already investigated, you know how to discover if they are wrongly convicted or if they are where they should be, in prison.
There are two parts in this book and I’ll have to say that I loved much more the second part. On the first part I wasn’t really feeling connected with the characters, they all seemed guilty and with secrets. But on the second part we can see more the human side of all the characters and while we still understand the guilty part.
The story is told between Jonathan (a journalist that has been assigned to do an article of the famous case he covered in the past) and Melissa Slade, the “Innocent” mother who has been wrongly convicted. Since the first moment Jonathan doesn’t want to do the coverage of the Melissa Slade case, it is too close to home for him and he really doesn’t believe she is innocent. And let’s say the truth, you don’t know the truth till the end, but it’s not really important on the story, because there are so many hidden truths and guilty parts on the case, that if she is really innocent or not is not really important in the end!
I was a little biased on this book, the first part was a little bit slow for my taste, but the second part was engaging and interesting. So, if you are ready for a twisted read with a guilty free conscience, this is your next read!

About The Author

Diane Jeffrey grew up in North Devon, in the United Kingdom. She now lives in Lyon, France, with her husband and their three children, Labrador and cat.
Diane’s debut psychological thriller, THOSE WHO LIE, was a Kindle bestseller in the USA, Canada and Australia and spent several weeks in the top 100 Kindle books in the UK.
HE WILL FIND YOU, set in the Lake District and Somerset and published in August 2018, is her second novel.
THE GUILTY MOTHER, Diane’s third book, publishes on 2nd August 2019, and in paperback and audio on 17th October.
Diane is an English teacher. When she’s not working or writing, she likes swimming, running and reading. She loves chocolate, beer and holidays.
Above all, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.