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The Killing Gene by E.M. Davey

Genre: Action Thriller
Source: Duckworth Books
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

When an archaeologist goes missing in the Congo basin, Professor Randolph Harkness and young tearaway Ross McCartney go in search of her – only to stumble upon a conspiracy to conceal ancient horrors lost to the passage of time. Evading spies and trained killers, can they expose this cover-up? Or will they be buried with it?
An unputdownable thriller, The Killing Gene reveals the story of our species, the paradox of the modern mind and our innate predilection for murder…

My Thoughts

I always say that you know if you’ll like a book with just the first chapter; with the plot, how it is written and of course the characters! In this case I knew it with just the first page! Based in some real facts, the author creates an engaging story and not far from truth that will make any reader eager to know more!
I don’t usually read books with real scientific facts on them, not because I don’t like them but because is quite difficult to find them. And let’s be honest, not everyone likes to read fiction and non-fiction at the same book! Really, after reading this book the first thing I did was checking the information on the internet and discovering which part was true and which was fiction; it seemed so plausible and with so many real facts that I don’t think is too far from the truth.
Let’s talk a little about the book, is a fast paced story; where our characters will travel around the world to discover why an archeologist has disappeared. Would seem easy, but when our main character Professor Randolph Harkness and his young friend Ross McCartney have to fight for their lives, they know that something more has been happening… Why they are treating to kill them? There are more researchers around the world that if they try to investigate the origin of our species disappear without a trace. Someone is trying to hide something and it seems that all the secret agencies around the world are part of it. What could it be that is worth risking everyone’s life? Just start reading and you’ll know the answers!
This is not a book with a high character development or feelings, this is an action book, smart and full of facts; it would be the perfect movie book; but it would mean loosing and the facts and details that made me love so much it, I love science!
The Killing Gene is not only a book, is a part of us and it’s time for you to discover the truth.

About The Author

E.M. DAVEY is a journalist at Global Witness specialising in undercover investigative journalism into international corruption and environmental crime, which gives him the opportunity to travel to far-flung and unusual places. His novels incorporate real-world experiences and meticulous research, blurring the lines between reality and fiction. He has taught creative writing with the Wilbur & Niso Smith foundation and is the author of three novels: Foretold by Thunder (Duckworth 2015), The Napoleon Complex (Duckworth 2016) and The Killing Gene (Duckworth 2019). He grew up in Bristol and now lives in Kent.