For Carne’s first solo exhibition in Dubai, opening this November at the Capital Club with West Contemporary, the artist presents a series of works on paper and canvas simply entitled ‘Flight’. Known for his use of unusual materials, Carne has explored further the use of different teas blended with bright colourful calligraphy inks to produce delicate portraits which reflect on the essence of what it is to fly. Whether looking at freedom of thought or the ability to harbour the wind and balance delicately with nature’s forces, this collection of work on paper and canvas explores the artists own relationship with nature and inherent love of portraiture.
The exhibition presents 8 works created exclusively for the Dubai Exhibition alongside a body of work created this year in the studio which sees Carne exploring larger works on linen, transferring the delicate fountain pen lines of his works on paper into more assertive and expressive brush strokes.
For more information about the exhibition and to find out more about the full collection please visit the artists page .