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Burger Jigsaw by Paladone

Are you hungry? Because after seeing these pretty and yummy burger I am sure you’ll wish one for yourself!
I am not sure if you know the brand, is a UK company that is specialized on gifts; no matter the age, the gender or the hobbies; they will have something for everyone, for sure!
But that’s not why I am sharing one of their products with you today, it is because I fall in love at first sight with it and I am sure that I will not be the only one. I love burgers, oh yes, delicious and not so healthy burgers (let’s admit it) are in my diet from time to time, of course, not everyday but maybe once a week. Who doesn’t have a whim from time to time?
So, when I saw these cute Burger Jigsaw package on my supermarket, I couldn’t resist to put it on my shopping cart! It comes inside a funky and colorful cardboard containing the 100 puzzle pieces inside a zip-locker plastic bag.

There’s not really a full image to make the puzzle, but it is not so difficult to do…

I was surprised that the complete puzzle had the burger form and it was so colorful and similar to a real one that it made me want to take a bite!
This is not for little children, it’s not difficult to do, but it would be difficult for any 3/4 year old kid. The pieces are small and could be dangerous for little ones, so be careful! The pieces are not that thick but fit perfectly one to each other, you’ll just have to push a little to fit them the first time.

I had a lot of fun doing this burger, it’s been a while since I made a puzzle so even if it was quite fast to make I loved every second! This is perfect for a surprise for any burger lover and it only costs £4.99, not expensive at all, don’t you think?
Ready for a delicious bite?


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