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Quezzle Space Adventures by Unidragon

If you've been following me, you'll know that I love doing puzzles and playing with board games with my family; my favourite hobby! ;)Also, I am a big Kickstarter follower and I love to discover new and original projects to back and share with you.Today, I want to share with you the "Quezzle Space Adventures";… Continue reading Quezzle Space Adventures by Unidragon

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Voxart by Pixio

VOXART can be a toy, decor, entertainment, a puzzle… whatever you imagination wants to create!.VoxArt is an easy-click quadrolock, with a lightweight designand the ability to reassemble art. Also, it comes with an app with hundreds of inspirational arts that can be replicated in real life and make VOXART a one-of-a-kind tool for showing your… Continue reading Voxart by Pixio

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Harry Potter Knight Bus by Ravensburger

I am sure the brand “Ravensburger” is well known for all parents and puzzle lovers; a sign of quality and originality. So, when my son asked for a puzzle bus this Christmas I knew that choosing one of the 3D buses on the Ravensburger catalogue would be a win. If you check online, there are a few… Continue reading Harry Potter Knight Bus by Ravensburger

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Lion Puzzle by Unidragon

Puzzles, some people love them, some hate them. What makes these little pieces so mercurial? Maybe that you need some peace to enter the puzzle, because it’s noy really putting pieces together but understanding the piece you are making. I am thankful to “Unidragon” for sending me one of their puzzles,  Lion, if you don’t know… Continue reading Lion Puzzle by Unidragon

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Little Feminist Surprise Puzzle by MudPuppy

Today I want to talk about this little blind box called the “Little Feminist Surprise Puzzle” by MudPuppy. We discovered it a few days ago, but didn’t have the time to open it, but while we all had our eyes on it, the bets of who could be inside were getting hotter! My husband said… Continue reading Little Feminist Surprise Puzzle by MudPuppy

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Hermione Plush & Puzzle by Kidicraft

The word “puzzle” for me is a synonym of relax and joy; to spend hours doing something I love and without any rush to do it.So, when one of my favorite puzzle brands, Kidicraft, offers a new Harry Potter puzzle, of course I can’t wait to start doing it!I am sure you are wondering why… Continue reading Hermione Plush & Puzzle by Kidicraft

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Pieces of the Masters by HelloFish Creative Studios

I love doing puzzles, it relaxes me and I love to discover what secrets the image I am doing is hiding when you make it bigger. That's why, when I saw the original project from Kickstarter, Pieces of the Masters, I couldn't resist to take a deepest look at the project, because it promises multiple… Continue reading Pieces of the Masters by HelloFish Creative Studios

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The Hogwarts & Hedwig, Wizarding World by Kidicraft

First of all I would like to thank Kidicraft for this original and almost real 3D puzzle, it's amazing! I want to talk a little about Kidicraft, because even if the name doesn't sound familiar, I am sure you've seen plenty of their products without paying attention to the manufacturer. Kidicraft makes high quality products,… Continue reading The Hogwarts & Hedwig, Wizarding World by Kidicraft

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Ford Anglia (Harry Potter) from Wrebbit Puzzle – Product Review

I'll start this review assuming that you know who Harry Potter is. I can understand that you haven't read the books or even that you don't like them; but you know who Harry Potter is, am I right? So, let's talk about this special edition puzzle based on the Ford Anglia by Wrebbit 3D. This… Continue reading Ford Anglia (Harry Potter) from Wrebbit Puzzle – Product Review