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Pieces of the Masters by HelloFish Creative Studios

I love doing puzzles, it relaxes me and I love to discover what secrets the image I am doing is hiding when you make it bigger. That’s why, when I saw the original project from Kickstarter, Pieces of the Masters, I couldn’t resist to take a deepest look at the project, because it promises multiple surprises when you are doing and also when you finish it!
Take a look…

First of all, you’ll construct some masterpieces by the worlds most accomplished artists while you uncover some unique themed pieces that represent characteristics of the artist, their life, and their work…

Also, the puzzles are double sided, so, with one puzzle you’ll have two different masterpieces from the same artist.

And, if you combine pieces from each double-sided puzzle you’ll be able to construct 2 miniature paintings, mirrored after the artwork in each puzzle.

It’s a really original puzzle, don’t you think? So, if you want to take a deepest look at this project, don’t doubt to take a look at the original page, from the creator HelloFish Creative Studios. I really can’t wait to receive mine! 😉

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