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The Super Spy by Brenda Gurr – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Super Spy by Brenda Gurr

Genre: Children’s Fiction
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: New Frontier Publishing

About The Book

Zinnia’s class is organising a super fun sleepover in the school’s library while their parents are having a spy-themed party in the school hall. They even order a fabulous Zinnia Jakes cake. Everything is going according to plan until the parents set up a spy trap to catch the secret pastry chef… What will Zinnia Jakes do?

My Thoughts

I would have loved Zinnia’s adventures when I was young! They have all the ingredients to bake the perfect cake and story to make any reader giggle with Zinnia and her adventures.
I’ll admit that this is my first read on this series, but this is the third book of the Zinnia Jakes adventures; you only need to know that there’s a brave girl ready to do anything to solve a mystery and the special Coco cat.
I know that reading this book as an adult it makes me wait for the happy ending and a good way to solve the problems, but reading it with my son made me realize how involved he becomes with the plot and not expecting at all the ending, it was a different way to see the book. How he was expecting to know more of the plot and how Zinnia would have the cake on time without awaking anyone of her school friends! I even had to read some parts softly in case I woke up someone!
This had been a book my son will remember, he was glued to the plot and loved to solve the mystery and talk about it to me, a must read, believe me!
Also, we can wait this weekend to try to make the cake at home!
Are you ready for “The Super Spy”?

About The Author

Brenda Gurr adores anything to do with spies, adventure and mysteries, so writing a book about someone with a secret identity is something she has always longed to do. Add to that her love of cats (she owns two magical Burmese cats) and her habit of baking far too many sweet treats, and you have all the ingredients for the world of Zinnia Jakes! A former storytelling fairy, drama teacher and school worksheet writer, Brenda is the author of numerous books for children. This is her first chapter book series.


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