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Harry Potter Knight Bus by Ravensburger

I am sure the brand “Ravensburger” is well known for all parents and puzzle lovers; a sign of quality and originality. So, when my son asked for a puzzle bus this Christmas I knew that choosing one of the 3D buses on the Ravensburger catalogue would be a win. If you check online, there are a few different buses to choose from, but the “Harry Potter Knight Bus” has a bonus that none of the others have, it is also a pencil pot!

Let’s talk a little about the process of mounting it, it’s easy, you only have to follow the numbers that are written on the back of the pieces and the direction that is indicated on them. Don’t worry there is a booklet of how to put the numbers, my son is 5 and he did it by himself, without glue!

I am sure you are wondering if the pieces fit together without glue, and let me say that they are, but also that this is a bus to decorate not to play. My son played with it and of course some pieces were falling down, but you could mount it again easily.

About the pen case, there are two holes inside to put the pens/pencils, but you could cover them. For now we have it covered and going around the house! Of course, it’s a plus that the wheels are real and perfect to go “round and round”!

If you are looking for something original and useful, I would highly recommend checking out the 3D range from Ravensburger, it’s not only for children… 🙂


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