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Little Feminist Surprise Puzzle by MudPuppy

Today I want to talk about this little blind box called the “Little Feminist Surprise Puzzle” by MudPuppy. We discovered it a few days ago, but didn’t have the time to open it, but while we all had our eyes on it, the bets of who could be inside were getting hotter! My husband said it was “Frida”, my son “Sally” and I said “Amelia”. Do you want to know who won (if anyone won)? Continue reading!

First let’s talk a little bit of what we could find inside; a 70 piece shaped puzzle featuring one of these six amazing women; Amelia, Rosa, Sally, Malala, Frida, or Cleopatra. Inside you’ll find one of these inspiring characters and some of their story.

This puzzle is recommended for 6 years or plus, mainly for the small size of the pieces, also, they are quite small, but the younger ones with a little bit of help I am sure they’ll be able to do it.
It’s a plus that this puzzle contains 90% recycled paper, the packaging a 70% recycled paper and its printed with nontoxic inks.
Now, the big reveal, drums….

Yes! My husband was right, we got Frida in our box! 🙂 I loved to talk about her with my son and show some of her amazing paintings.

And here, this little puzzle done…

I think that getting older is making me more feminist and activist, maybe because I want a better world for my son or because I am tired of seeing how we (women) feel ignored and diminished again and again, it’s tiring really.
So, what if my son will know more about important women in history than men? I am sure that in school they’ll be the first ones to only teach him about men… but don’t we live in a world with a lot of people where no one is the same? If we don’t teach to respect and value everybody to our little ones the world will never change, it’s in our hands to make it better. Having said this, from time to time I love to rant a little, sorry!
It has been quite quick to make this little puzzle, but if you take a look at the page of MudPuppy you’ll see that these characters are part of a bigger puzzle, so if you like the designs and want something more challenging, you can buy the bigger ones! 😉

This post is not sponsored and the opinions I shared are mine.

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