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Lion Puzzle by Unidragon

Puzzles, some people love them, some hate them. What makes these little pieces so mercurial? Maybe that you need some peace to enter the puzzle, because it’s noy really putting pieces together but understanding the piece you are making.

I am thankful to “Unidragon” for sending me one of their puzzles,  Lion, if you don’t know this is the year of the “Dragon” in the Chinese calendar, so it’s the perfect choice!

Let’s talk a little about this cutie, there are four sizes of each puzzle, from easy to difficult, I had the Medium size, with 172 to 216 pieces and as big as an A4. And of course made with wood and with a high precision to make all the pieces fit perfectly together.
I have to say that this was not an easy puzzle to make (or maybe I wasn’t in the zone), but once I started getting the form and patterns I loved doing it!

I am sure you are wondering what makes this puzzle special; it’s the small animals that are part of the puzzle, like without their connection you can’t have the full vision.

I love that in Unidragon there’s always some offer to use to buy their products and new creations to make you WoW. If you are in need of a de-stress time, I would highly recommend you to take a look at these colourful puzzles, they are amazing!

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