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Ford Anglia (Harry Potter) from Wrebbit Puzzle – Product Review

I’ll start this review assuming that you know who Harry Potter is. I can understand that you haven’t read the books or even that you don’t like them; but you know who Harry Potter is, am I right?
So, let’s talk about this special edition puzzle based on the Ford Anglia by Wrebbit 3D. This puzzle is a Collector’s Limited Edition and not for sale, but super cute puzzle that I’ll keep behind lockets in case someone wants to steal it!
The car is based on the second book of the Harry Potter series, and not only is a little toy to enjoy but also it makes you feel as real the world that has always been on your imagination. The Flying Ford Anglia was enchanted by Arthur Weasley (Ron’s father – Harry father’s best friend) to fly as well as to become invisible with the use of a special device. It was on the cover on the second book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

I’ll have to say that I love it, but I would like it much bigger and with more pieces… maybe one day Wrebbit 3D decides to do this model in a big size! Only 24 pieces was not enough!

Let’s talk a little bit of the Wrebbit 3D puzzles, they are not the typical pieces we are used to. The pieces are made with foam-backed pieces and they come inside a recycled cardboard! The designs are made with high definition graphics and striking realism, that’s why all their puzzles seem little miniatures of the original buildings/objects!

If you take a look at the Wrebbit 3D homepage you’ll see that they have a very extensive range on the Harry Potter world, Game of Thrones, Downtown Abbey and some of the most famous buildings around the world. But of course my favourite range is the Harry Potter, there’s a train that I think that has my name on it… 😉
The Wrebbit puzzles don’t have a special number of pieces, it totally changes on the one you have! This way seems more personalised, it fits on the pieces you need, not a standard number for all.
Don’t expect the puzzles to be easy, they have their own tricks as any puzzle and I am sure you’ll spend hours making their beautiful designs if you take the chance!


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