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Hermione Plush & Puzzle by Kidicraft

The word “puzzle” for me is a synonym of relax and joy; to spend hours doing something I love and without any rush to do it.
So, when one of my favorite puzzle brands, Kidicraft, offers a new Harry Potter puzzle, of course I can’t wait to start doing it!
I am sure you are wondering why this puzzle is so special; two things, a plush and a 3D design puzzle. I have to be honest, I have no idea which one I like more; both are so cute and original that I can’t stop looking at them.

So, let’s talk a little about each one; the plush, as a Harry Potter fan, you can imagine that my favorite character is Hermione Granger; brave, intelligent and funny. This plush is around 30 cm soft and cute. Here is a closer sight of it…

Then, we have the puzzle, an holographic 3D puzzle with 300 pieces and a mysterious image to discover! Because, the image you have on the box is not the full images, there are some surprises to discover on it.

If you want to take a deeper look at the puzzle image here it is….

Of course the puzzle is not really big (46x31cm), with 300 pieces it can’t be large, but the good think is that you’ll do it very quick. I think we finished it in less than 2 hours with the help of my little one!

I think this is a lovely and original product, my only complain is the hole on the top of the case, it’s quite dangerous putting a puzzle inside because the pieces can get out easily. So, I put a thick cardboard to cover it! 😉
You can buy it here.


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