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Game Cards for this Half Term!

I don’t think that I am the only one when the school holidays arrive and I start to panic searching for things to do with my little one. It really doesn’t matter what type of activities, only something that could entertain him and have a good time and if they are easy to pack perfect! So, this year. I decided to share with you some card games I discovered lately that can be perfect to entertain any child (or adult) and can be perfect to take away on trips or excursions and they are cheap. Ready?

Mixups by 7Pips

This is a quick and easy snap based game for the whole family.
You only have to flip the cards and see if any of the animal halves match. If they match, you’ll call MIXUPS and slap the matching cards. The one that collects all the MIXUPS animal cards will win!
It’s super funny because each card shows a hilarious blend of two animals, believe you won’t stop laughing while playing.
This is a funny family game for 2-5 players and recommended for ages 4 years and up. Easy and quick to play! 😉
You can find it on Amazon

Shaggy Dog Stories by Cheatwell Games

This is a pocket-sized game for children who love to tell tales!
You’ll have to pick a card from the clip-top dispenser that provides you with three random words, weave A tale around the three whacky words for a minute, while the other players then try to guess the three words!
This is a great way to make the little ones create a crazy story, because the words will have to stand out!
This is a great game for 3 or more players and perfect for travelling.
You can find it on Amazon.

World of Animals Top Trumps Quiz Game by Top Trumps

This is a Quizzical Animal fun with a Top Trumps Twist!
It’s not only educational but an entertaining card game for all the animal lovers!
There are 500 puzzling and captivating questions that will test your knowledge and memory on the world of animals, so be prepared to spend hours and hours learning and having fun.
This is complemented by an easy-to-carry plastic case, meaning there are no limits on gameplay.
Ready to discover new and exciting facts?
You can find it on Amazon.

Once Upon A Crime by Foul Play Game

Carabosse the Bad Fairy is dead, and her Big Book of Villainy has been stolen…
In a shocking revelation, the magic mirror has revealed that all the suspects are goodies, but who had a motive to go bad? You’ll need to swap, steal and search for the evidence in order to scupper the other detectives and sleuth your way to victory! 
Let’s just hope your case doesn’t go cold before revealing your solution (dramatically, of course) and catching the culprit! Case closed!
There’s more than one way to catch a killer though.  So what’s it gonna be? Good Cop or Bad Cop? If you’re playing Good Cop you’re chasing down a specific killer, whereas Bad Cop you’ll have to successfully frame any one of the eight suspects in order to win. Each way to play comes with its own set of rules and tactics, but will you use fair play or foul play? 
With these two game modes and every playthrough different, this little game of murder packs quite the mystery, just as fun and confounding as the last.

I think all these games are great to have some fun with your family and friends. Enjoy! 😉


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