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The Hiding Place by Amanda Mason – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Hiding Place by Amanda Mason

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Compulsive Readers
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: Zaffre Books

About The Book

Nell Galilee, her husband and twelve year old step-daughter Maude rent a holiday cottage by the sea, needing time and space away from home after Maude became involved in some troubling events. Nell grew up in this small, wind-blown town and has mixed feelings about returning, and it isn’t long before she is recognised by a neighbour, seemingly desperate to befriend her. The cottage too has been empty for some time, and from the start Nell feels uncomfortable there. Something isn’t quite right about this place… Maude, furious about being brought here against her will and her father’s attention falling so often elsewhere, soon finds herself beguiled by the house’s strange atmosphere. There are peculiar marks in the roof beams above her bedroom, and in another room, a hiding place, concealing a strange, unnerving object.
As the house gradually reveals its secrets, Nell becomes increasingly uneasy – and Maude spellbound. But these women – and the women that surround them – are harbouring their own secrets too, and soon events will come to a terrible head . . .

My Thoughts

When Chris, Nell and their daughter Maude decided to stay at the Elder House, they would never expect the things to go so difficult! They are not in their best moment as a family; Chris and Nell’s relationship is having some difficulties at the moment and Maude is not happy to be at these holidays, as you can imagine as any 12 year old.  But let’s be honest, this is not the problem, the problem is the house, something strange is happening there and the neighbors are not helpful with the information!
I have to admit that it was difficult to understand why the family decided to stay at the house with all the weird things that happened to them, believe me, in my case I would return home immediately! But I think the point of the story is to face all the truths, even the ones more difficult and staying at the house is the only way to do it. Because, the relationship between Nell and Maude is difficult to say at least, but maybe the house will help them to trust each other?
I find the story engaging and twisted but sometimes it is difficult to know who it’s really talking to, so many characters and points of view make it a little bit difficult to follow.
This is a book that will make you afraid of your own home and weird sounds when you are alone… so remember to read it when the sun is shining! 
Are you ready to discover “The Hiding Place”?

About The Author

Amanda Mason was born and brought up in Whitby, North Yorkshire. She studied Theatre at Dartington College of Arts, where she began writing by devising and directing plays. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies; The Wayward Girls is her first novel.

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