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The Hogwarts & Hedwig, Wizarding World by Kidicraft

First of all I would like to thank Kidicraft for this original and almost real 3D puzzle, it’s amazing!

I want to talk a little about Kidicraft, because even if the name doesn’t sound familiar, I am sure you’ve seen plenty of their products without paying attention to the manufacturer. Kidicraft makes high quality products, designed to give enjoyment and fun whilst providing an element of education. And if you don’t know they have won a high number of prizes for their products, specially this puzzle (The Hogwarts & Hedwig) won the best puzzle award at the BlogOn! And yes, I will say it out loud and proud, I voted for it!

There are a few puzzles to choose at the Harry Potter range, The Hogwarts Express (Winner of the Independent Toy Awards 2019), Norbert, Hogwarts, Hogwarts & Hedwig, Hedwig and Harry Potter’s Ford Anglia.

I’ll admit it all the times you want, I love the Harry Potter world, so making a 3D puzzle where the illustration seemed to grow in front of my eyes was an amazing pleasure! I would say that the image of Hogwarts is really detailed and on the background you’ll be able to read a little of the Daily Prophet newspaper. As you can imagine, Hedwig’s image is majestic and beautiful, you can almost expect it to start flying out of the puzzle when you’ll finish it!

I had the pleasure to make The Hogwarts & Hedwig puzzle, and my first word would be WOW! When you finish it is like a new world opens inside of your eyes. There are only 300 pieces on this puzzle, so it will not be difficult to make, but it will be an amazing journey, I can assure you! The pieces are laminated both sides making it easy to connect one with the other and stick together more easier than the board ones. The pieces are quite big too, but this makes that when you connect two pieces they seem to create a magic world at the touch of your fingers, really, the effect is magic!

I would recommend you to do this puzzle with a bright light, mainly because when you connect the pieces together the image you create is in 3D, you could see the depth and how the image grows when you move. Really, I had some 3D products before in my hands, but this puzzle made the experience so different, maybe because I was interacting with it instead of simply looking at an image. The detail of Hogwarts and Hedwig is really impressive, you will see so many details that when you’ll touch the puzzle you’ll be surprised to touch only a flat surface instead of Hogwarts or the soft feathers of Hedwig.

This is a puzzle recommended for at least 6 years old, I can’t say that the younger ones will like to do it, but I can assure you that the older ones will love it! No matter how old, if they love Harry Potter, they will love this puzzle! You can buy this design or all the full collection for £14.99 on Bort Shopping, a fair price for a really good product, if you ask me! 😉

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