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Truth Hurts by Rebecca Reid

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Poppy has a secret.
It was a whirlwind romance. And when Drew, caught up in the moment, suggests that he and Poppy don’t tell each other anything about their past lives, that they live only for the here and now, for the future they are building together, Poppy jumps at the chance for a fresh start.
Drew says he has nothing to hide.
But it doesn’t take long for Poppy to see that this is a two-way deal. Drew is hiding something from her. And Poppy suddenly has no idea who the man she has married really is, what he is hiding from her or what he might be capable of.
Drew is lying.
Which is more dangerous, a secret or a lie?

My Thoughts

Poppy is a nanny who is being fired one late night; but when she decides to drink to forget her sorrows she will met the love of her life, Drew. Or at least that’s what she thinks, he is charming, rich and seems to be totally in love with her; of course this love affair will not be as easy as it seems. Poppy has a secret… the problem is that Drew is hiding all his past, so, as you can imagine, when the truth will go out there will be fireworks! 😉
Don’t wait for a love story, this is a psychological thriller with all the letters, full of lies and twists that will make you love every page!
I was totally surprised with the story, since the beginning it attracted me, wanting to know more and discover what’s really happening. Poppy seems a nice woman, a little naïve and trustworthy but she simply wants to have a happy ending and that’s what she finds in Drew, before discovering the secrets, of course. Drew seems too charming, nice and perfect for my taste since the beginning, but I suppose that’s what attracts Poppy, a love affair without a past.
The story has two main plots, one from the past and the one in the present; we don’t know what connects them, but you can imagine that someone is hiding a dangerous secret… would their new love be strong enough to keep them together? You’ll have to read the book to know the answer!
I was surprised with the last chapters of the story but not disappointed at all; sometimes what makes a book memorable is the ending and this is one of those stories, I will remember it for a long time.
Truth Hurts is much more than a love story, is a travel to the core of a relation, to discover what it really glues two people together and what would you do for your loved one. Ready?

About The Author

Rebecca is a freelance journalist. She is a columnist for the Telegraph Women’s section, works for Metro Online and has written for Marie Claire, the Guardian, the Saturday Telegraph, the Independent, Stylist, Glamour, the iPaper, the Guardian, Indy100, LOOK and the New Statesmen amongst others.
Rebecca is a regular contributor to Sky News and ITV’s This Morning as well as appearing on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, LBC, BBC News 24 and the BBC World Service to discuss her work.
She graduated from Royal Holloway’s Creative Writing MA in 2015 and Perfect Liars is her debut novel.
Rebecca lives in North London with her husband.