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The Years of Us by Gemma Roman – Blog Tour

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The Years of Us by Gemma Roman

Genre: Psychological Mystery
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Five friends. Life, love and a night that will put their friendship to the test. Following University, a group of friends plan to stick together, but will they survive distance, career changes and lustful love triangles? Life throws unexpected realities their way, and one fateful night brings their lives into harsh perspective. Minor mistakes result in them questioning who they are and who can be trusted. Can they rebuild the foundations of friendship and move forward or will the test of time finally set them adrift forever?

My Thoughts

I always love the stories were friendship is involved, but real friendship, with ups and downs, mistrust and mistakes, because no one is perfect and sometimes when you need someone on your side the only ones you can trust are your friends!
This had been a complex story, with short chapters for each one of the characters of the story, making easy to follow the story and understand all the subplots between all the friends. There are so many secrets and lies between all of this group of friends that when the truth will surface the result will not be pretty, I can assure you!
I am sure you will not like all the characters of the story, but that’s what makes it so real and convincing, they all have problems and secrets but try to confide in their friends, or at least some of them do. This is a book about friendship and trust, how many lies and secrets can resist a friendship? When is the moment to say stop, you are not more my friend and I don’t want to see you anymore? It’s a difficult moment in someone’s life when they have to say goodbye, a goodbye to someone you’ve trusted for a long time but that had disappointed you so much that you no longer want to be their friend anymore. Bitter and sadness or warm and happiness? What will it become at the end of the story?
I liked that the author, Gemma Roman, didn’t make a pretty ending on the book, all the subplots will be closed in the end, but not perfect, real, like life.
Ready to discover The Years of Us?

About The Author

“I’m Gemma Roman.
I have pretty much always been a bookworm.
I always loved reading, writing and the creative arts, and also enjoyed dancing which led me to study for a degree in Dance Studies when I was at University. Following graduation, I worked in retail and became interested in the wealth of characters that I came across daily while working in customer service.
I’d had a few ideas rumbling around in my head for a while, and so spent a few years writing my first novel in my spare time. I finally managed to release it in June 2016, and am now planning for the release of my new book ‘All At Sea’, which is due out in 2019.

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