Are you starting to feel the autumn in your home? The cold nights with some fluffy socks, a duvet and a good book to read? I can help you with two of the three things, what do you think? So let’s talk about cute and perfect socks for any occasion and that will always put a smile on your face! Ready?

I don’t know if you are familiar with the brand PrintsField, two friends decided to establish their passion and sharing them to the world. And one note, for every purchase on their website 1% of the expense is transferred to an animal shelter. Impressive, don’t you think?
First of all you have to search a small and pretty photo with a family/friend/pet face that you’ll love to wear everyday on your feet. For me it was easy, my little one! You’ll have to cut the face on the photo to make it more prettier on the socks…
You’ll be able to upload the photo on the PrintsField homepage, don’t worry, it’s really easy!
But before you upload the photo, you will have to choose which design you want! The problem? There are so many beautiful and funny designs that it won’t be easy to only choose one. And when you’ll have decided? Then you’ll have to choose which colour do you like most!
I know, right? So many difficult decisions for just one pair of socks! But these will be unique and perfect for you, because there will not be any other like them in the world! Can you imagine?
It took me quite a while to decide which design I liked and then of course, which photo? As you can imagine, I didn’t put myself on the socks, I don’t really like photos, but I love seeing my little one on my feet, it’s really funny! And every time he looks at them he says, that’s me! These should be my socks, not yours! 😉

The socks are long and don’t strain anywhere, I really hate the socks with thick rubbers! They are comfy and much thicker than I expected! I thought it would be like the leggings fabric, but they are more thick and the feet don’t slide inside the shoes when you are walking. It would seem silly, but this is quite important if you are wearing heels!

This is a sponsored post, I received the product for an exchange of an honest review, but sometimes the product is so good that simply telling the truth, you will end up falling in love with them! Trust me, this is perfect as a present, surprise or simply because, everyone will love it!