For the ones that doesn’t follow me yet, I’ve been at the Capital Crime in London this weekend, surrounded by famous authors, bloggers and publicists; and I enjoyed every minute of it!
I’ll try to put in words what this amazing weekend has been for me, I can’t assure you I’ll be successful, but I’ll try my best! 😉
First of all, the festival started on a Thursday afternoon, to pick up our credentials, goodie bag, enjoy a little drink and mingle with everyone, of course!
The next day the action started early 9:30 and really, no one wanted to miss the amazing authors on the panel! And let’s be honest, it has been 48 hours non-stop, with amazing interviews, words and jokes from some of the big faces on the Criminal Fiction Work, I missed some authors, yes, but you can’t ask for everything, am I right?
But let me talk a little about the panels, they were funny, interesting and with so many things to learn that I’ll return to my memories for these days for a long time!

  • Agatha Christie is an amazing author, no matter how many times you’ve read her books and even if you know all the killers you always enjoy her stories! This is what I learnt after the first panel with Sophie Hannah, Ruth Ware, Christopher Fowler, John Curran moderated by LC Tyler at The Influence of Agatha Christie.
  • I had a great time with the authors of Crime on a Global Scale; Vaseem Khan, Leye Adenle, David Hewson, Craig Russell, Abir Mukherjee and Shaun Harris. They were a lot of jokes and insight from their novels, I can’t wait to read them!
  • I was totally astonished with Anthony Horowitz, he speaks so quick and his way to talk is so direct and strong! I haven’t read anything from him, but let me say that I’ll give it a chance soon! He was talking with Adam Hamdy about the Genesis of an Idea, sadly none of them gave any spoiler about their next books, sorry!
  • I was surprised with the panel The Human Cost of Crime with Ian Rankin and Don Winslow, I think they were the most direct on talking how the crime affect people and how the police cope with the crimes they have to solve. They talked about murderers and serial killers, one sentence stuck with me “It never leaves you, what you see can not be unseen.”
  • The panel Is Crime Fiction a Problem for Feminists? was very interesting from the women’s perspective, but don’t get confuse; Julia Crouch, Sarah Hilary, Amanda Jennings, Colette McBeth and Kate Rhodes are amazing as writers, so no prejudices! It doesn’t matter if the book is written by a man or a woman if you enjoy the read, don’t you think?
  • I couldn’t miss the final of the quizz; yes there was a quizz between authors! It was hilarious, and all of them did it so good that the winner just won for half a point!!
  • I loved the panel with Fiona Cummins, Laura Shepherd-Robinson, CJ Tudor and Olivia Kiernan with Amy McLellan at When Women Make Murderers; they talked about some writing insights; their preference between killing women or men and what meant for them to write. And I’ve learnt that writing is like an addiction, once you start you can’t stop!
  • And I think one of the best panels was the Chilled to the Bone one; with a lot of my favourite authors (Ragnar Jónasson, Will Dean, Antti Tuomainen
    and Yrsa Sigurðardóttir) with my favourite publisher Karen Sullivan (Orenda Books). Yes, this panel was interesting, original and we had so much fun that it should had last at least one hour more! I know I am a little biased, I participate in almost all of the Orenda Book blog tours and I love their books, and they always surprise me!