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Capital Crime Festival – Part 2

Yesterday I talked about the weekend I had at the Capital Crime Festival, here is the link to the first part; and here is the continuation…
What surprised me most is that I always see the authors as big stars, the same category as the actors, and I was so wrong! I had the impression there there were “divas” in the writing world, but not in the case of any of the authors at the Crime Festival! You could see them having a drink at the bar on your side, hugging a blogger they love or taking a photo with a fan!
I had the pleasure to talk with Antti Tuomainen, whom I was reading his new book at the moment, and sadly I didn’t ask for an autograph and now I am regretting it so much! I talked with CJ Tudor and I almost had her new book for 2020, sadly I was too slow… And I talked with Fiona Cummins too, she signed for me her next year’s book, but I couldn’t take any photo, my mobile decided it was time to sleep…
I am quite a shy person, so I didn’t have the strength to go to more authors asking for an autograph, maybe next time I’ll be braver…
You can not go to a big festival without prices on it, in this case the best books and authors, of course! And here are the winners of the night, if you want to take a look… 😉

Yesterday I forgot to share with you the winners of the New Voices; here they are…

I can’t wait to read their books! 😉

As you can see I had an amazing weekend, but again, this festival was for everyone, you simply had to be a crime book lover and you’ll have the time of your life!
If you are wondering, yes, there were some free books involved! This is my haul from the weekend, some of them were included in the goodie bag, some of them I was lucky to be handed by the publisher.

I only can say thanks!! And I hope I’ll return next year!


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