I love trying to discover which pets are the owners of these beautiful skins, can you guess?

The new AEG FX9 Animal vacuum cleaner is an unusual vacuum that helps keep all kinds of surfaces clean of hair. Starting from this premise we reach a conclusion that would become the creative axis of the campaign: For all soils, for all kinds of pets. With this concept we reinforce the characteristics of the product, providing them with maximum power and quality. No matter what kind of pet you have: A tiger, a zebra, a horse, a bear, a hamster, a dog, a cat … it doesn’t matter. The new animal FX9 can with all kinds of hairs.

Advertising Agency: Singular One, Sevilla, Spain
Copywriter: Maria Maldonado
Art Director: Carlos Gil
Creative Director: Javier Rueda

The source is Ads if the World.