I am sure that when you were a child you loved the beautiful and delicate animals of the Sylvanian Family! I’ll have to admit that I had an old luggage with all the family inside, but it was a present from an aunt and I never thought that they were so famous and trendy here in Ireland and UK! I spend hours playing with my little family and it’s been only a couple of years that I’ve discovered that my “little family” was part of a very big and amazing family full of animals ready to enjoy any adventure!
So, when a couple of weeks ago I discovered that the Sylvanian Families are doing a blind bag with some cute babies, I couldn’t resist to share it with you! I’ll have to thank to the BlogOn for my sample on the Goodie Bag, I love it! 😉
Did you know that the Sylvanian Families are originally from Japan and that the word Sylvan means ‘of the forest’? And most important, the brand has three values at its heart: Nature, Love and Family. That’s why the figurines are so cute and different from the typical dolls or other toys we are used to!
Let’s talk a little about the blind bag, in each set in the Baby Shopping Series you’ll find baby figure and a shopping accessory packaged inside the blind bag. There are nine characters hidden, but one is secret. Here are all the figures you can find, except the secret one, of course! 😉

Chocolate Rabbit Baby with Bread, Deer Baby with Shopping Trolley A, Panda Baby with Popcorn, Koala Baby with Shopping Bag, Polar Bear Baby with Ice Cream, Milk Rabbit Baby with Eggs and Juice, Tuxedo Cat Baby with Shopping Trolley B, Silk Cat Baby with Cash Register.

If you are wondering which figure I had, here is a gif for you to take a sneak peak… 😉

And of course, here is a bigger and detailed photo of my new member of the family, don’t you love it?

I’ll like you to remember that these are really cute and velvet figures, but I would not recommend them to children younger than 3 years old, the pieces are really small and could be dangerous in small hands, so be careful!
The Baby Shopping blind bags are available here for only £3.99, so if you want to surprise your little ones or you are starting to search for a little detail for Christmas, I am sure everyone will love them, don’t you?