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Picture or Drawing – Faber Castell Advert

A Faber-Castell campaign, created by DAVID São Paulo, has stopped traffic in Brazil. A series of OOH ads were spread across several cities, with the following question: “Picture or Drawing?”To show the efficiency of its EcoLápis Cor SuperSoft line, the brand invited artists to create paintings to show how art made with Faber-Castell products can… Continue reading Picture or Drawing – Faber Castell Advert

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Prudence Condoms Advertising

I have to say that I love this advert! Original and realistic, from Prudence Condoms. CreditsAdvertising Agency: PALM ERA, Miami, UsaProduction Company: PALM ERACeo: JCCCO: Santiago Alvarez - Diego RiondaRegional creative director: Ignacio PortoArt Director: David Namer - Victor GuardiaCopywriter: Gonzalo OsorioAccount Manager: Efrain Medina The source is Ads of the World.

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The Screams by Boroume Advert

Are you ready to scream? I love these advertising campaign from Boroume! 😉 The Screams A series of screams on agonized faces of food items, that easily end up in the garbage without much thought, attract attention to the subject of food waste and its consequences on not only hunger around the world but on… Continue reading The Screams by Boroume Advert

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Drinks Lie – Hyundai and Arena Advertising.

With the aim to raise awareness about the importance of not drinking alcohol when driving, “Drinks lie” campaign was created by Hyundai and Arena by Havas, and it is composed of graphics that reflect the effect that occurs when driving under the influence of alcohol. Print advertisement created by ARENA by Havas, Peru for Hyundai… Continue reading Drinks Lie – Hyundai and Arena Advertising.

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The Story in their Bones – Xgeva Advertising

The bones are the foundation of everything we do. And as such, they tell a story about who we are, what our dreams are, and what keeps us going. For a person battling cancer, those things are so incredibly important. They provide the motivation to get up and fight every day.Print advertisement created by GSW,… Continue reading The Story in their Bones – Xgeva Advertising

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Preservation And Evolution Of Species for Hospital Veros

Veros veterinarius. A campaign that creates a new concept in the evolution and preservation of species.ScenarioHospital Veros is a new concept in veterinary medicine. A space where veterinarians are the clients and a place where these professionals can rent spaces to have access to all the infrastructure and technology that the hospital offers.IdeaA new concept… Continue reading Preservation And Evolution Of Species for Hospital Veros

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The Masks Advert, for France Nature Environnement

I've seen so many masks on the street, beach, mountain... so, I think this advertising is perfect to remember how dangerous are to the environment. Our garbage on earth always ends up in the sea.Surgical masks are the new plastic bags. 3.4 billion of them are thrown away daily around the world. They are the… Continue reading The Masks Advert, for France Nature Environnement

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Art Is Bartho Advertising

I love the concept of this advertising from Bartho and you? Bartho is a luxury art-selling e-commerce. Focused on investors, collectors and admirers of human creativity. Curated by the IADE Art Institute, one of the most respected art institutes in the world. Its collection includes the best contemporary artists in Brazil. For the launch campaign,… Continue reading Art Is Bartho Advertising