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The Masks Advert, for France Nature Environnement

I’ve seen so many masks on the street, beach, mountain… so, I think this advertising is perfect to remember how dangerous are to the environment.

Our garbage on earth always ends up in the sea.Surgical masks are the new plastic bags. 3.4 billion of them are thrown away daily around the world. They are the first thing we encounter in nature after lockdowns, almost as if they exited confinement before human beings. As they are now part of our daily lives, we need to consider their usage and second lives very carefully, before they all end up in the sea, causing the disastrous effects they are starting to have on wild life.

Advertising Agency: L’ASSOCIÉ, Paris, France
President: Gilles Rivollier
Creative Director: Mark Forgan
Creative Director: Jamie Standen
Photographer: Gilles Rivollier
Account Executive: Anne-Laure Compas
Cgi: Christophe Huet / Asile
Typographer: Priska Armel


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