I’ll admit that visiting Denmark was not really good for our wallet, we bought so many Lego things that I think we can open a small shop with all the toys we had in our luggage! And, we only tried to buy small things…

So, today I want to share with you the smallest product you can find at Legoland, it’s a special edition that you could only find inside the park and of course we couldn’t resist to buy!
This toy is recommended for 7+ years old, but my son is 5 and he could do it by himself without any help, so it will be your call. But I think in the end, that this package is not about mounting it, but playing with the cars and doing races with it!

As always, there’s a booklet with all the steps you have to follow to have your Lego mounted, easy and perfectly explained.
I loved the crosswalk and the traffic light, they looked almost real!

And of course the cars were the important thing of the game, with stickers to decorate and running.
This is a very interesting pack for children to spend hours playing; no screens, only creativity and fun!

Is there any Lego toy that you loved when you were young? Have you been to Legoland?