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Art Is Bartho Advertising

I love the concept of this advertising from Bartho and you?

Bartho is a luxury art-selling e-commerce. Focused on investors, collectors and admirers of human creativity. Curated by the IADE Art Institute, one of the most respected art institutes in the world. Its collection includes the best contemporary artists in Brazil. For the launch campaign, in addition to the iconographic red color of Bartho Art, approaching the different meanings of art, and the entire grandiose universe that it represents. Through a unique communication. Having art as form, content and language.
Integrated advertisement created by Atlantis-LSN, Brazil for Bartho Art, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Atlantis-LSN, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Team: Luciana Vendramini, Sidney Araújo, Nelson Foerster
Photographer: Anna Shvets, Miriam Espacio, David Ortega, Yaroslav Shuraev, Bianca Salgado, Pixabay, Marián Sicko /
Filmmakers: Cottonbro, Mart Production, Ron Lach, Shvets Production, Lay-Z-Owl, Arthouse Studio, Alena Darmel, Ad Urpina, Mikhail Nilov, Oleg Scherbak, Kool Shooters /
Filmmaker: Tunnelmotions /


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