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The Olive Grove by Eva Glyn – Blog Tour

Ready to discover another great book for this 2021? Take a look…

The Olive Grove by Eva Glyn

Genre: Fiction
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
Publisher: One More Chapter

About The Book

An English woman searching for a different future
A man desperate to escape his war-ravaged past
Can these two find what they are looking for on the beautiful Croatian island of Korčula?
Antonia Butler is on the brink of a life-changing decision and a job advert looking for a multilingual housekeeper at a beautifully renovated Croatian farmhouse, Vila Maslina, is one she can’t ignore.
Arriving on the tiny picturesque island of Korčula, Antonia feels a spark of hope for the first time in a long time. This is a chance to leave the past behind.
But this island, and its inhabitants, have secrets of their own and a not-too-distant past steeped in tragedy and war. None more so than Vila Maslina’s enigmatic owner Damir Maric. A young man with nothing to lose but everything to gain…

My Thoughts

Sometimes the best way to forget is to start fresh in a new place, with no connections to the past and a bright future ahead. 
Antonia Butler is not happy with her life, so she decides to make a rush move and move to a Croatian farmhouse, far from everything she knows, but possibly the best way to heal her heart. But I don’t think she will expect to be part of the community and so involved with the charming characters that live there! Also, the secretive boss, Damir Maric, will make her life more interesting, believe me.
It was not difficult to feel transported to the idyllic island of Korčula while I was reading this book, the details and charming atmosphere make you part of the story and believe in the story.
But this charming landscape will not be isolated from problems or bad memories, because Damir has his own secrets and problems too, and when they will be knocking at his door, the only way to confront them will be asking for help.
This is a well written story, not only about romance but war and pain, but a nice reminder too that it doesn’t matter if your problem is big or small, if you have someone on your side to help with the pain.
Are you ready to discover “The Olive Grove”?

About The Author

Eva Glyn writes emotional women’s fiction inspired by beautiful places and the stories they hide. She
loves to travel, but finds inspiration can strike just as well at home or abroad.
She cut her teeth on just about every kind of writing (radio journalism, advertising copy, PR, and even freelance cricket reporting) before finally completing a full length novel in her forties. Four lengthy and completely unpublishable tomes later she found herself sitting on an enormous polystyrene book under the TV lights of the Alan Titchmarsh Show as a finalist in the People’s Novelist competition sponsored by Harper Collins. Although losing out to a far better writer, the positive feedback from the judges gave her the confidence to pursue her dreams.
Eva lives in Cornwall, although she considers herself Welsh, and has been lucky enough to have been married to the love of her life for twenty-five years. She also writes as Jane Cable.

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