For the ones who know me, you know how much I love coffee… More than a love relation it could be described as an addiction, I think… when I don’t know what to do or what to say, I look for a coffee, it’s always perfect, no matter my humour or the weather, a coffee is always something to enjoy.
So, when I was offered the opportunity to try and review some coffee capsules for my Nespresso, you can imagine that my answer was; Oh yes!

So, let’s talk a little about the Coffee & Kin brand; they are the revolution we need on the capsule world, were 56 billion are used and there’s no way to recycle them!
Let me tell you what Coffee & Kin do for our planet;

  • Their capsules are 100% plastic free, biodegradable and compostable.
  • The coffee is ethically sourced meaning that you have a great quality product and the farmers are getting a fair price.
  • They donate 1p per capsule to the Blurt Foundation. The Blurt Foundation helps young and adult people that are affected with depression.

I suppose that after reading the good things that Coffee & Kin do for our planet you are more interested in knowing more about the coffee, am I right? So, let’s go for the important things! There are three different flavours to choose, all of them amazing and with a really strong flavour: Discover, Escape and Explore.

In the DISCOVER pod, you’ll find the flavour of maple syrup from the Nicaraguan Matagalpa and El Salvador’s caramel. But uniquely, there is an essence of cherry flavoured candy cane embedded from the combination of El Salvador’s velvet brightness and Indiano’s hint of cherry. You might also find a touch of mint emanating from its spiciness!

ESCAPE’s pleasant nuttiness is derived from all three coffees in the blend. Colombia’s peach and Guatemala’s citrus fruit tones actually combine to create a nicely discernible strawberry after-taste. But from the attributes of cocoa, cream, smoke and nuts, the blend is wonderfully toffee flavoured from the very first sip.

EXPLORE brings a red grape flavour from the stone fruit of the Guatemalan foundation of the blend. Then the combination of sweet complexity from the Brazil Guaxupe, and the balance of the Honduras Estrellas, provide the blend with its dark chocolate notes and hint of raspberry.

So, the main question would be, is this coffee really good? And my answer is yes, I’ve tried a lot of well known brands that have tried to do coffee in a cheap price for the supermarkets and it was horrible, this is the first time I really enjoyed a cup of coffee that it was not from Nespresso. And do you want to know what’s the best of all? You are helping the environment! That’s a win-win, don’t you think?

There’s another thing I would like to share with you from the Coffee & Kin brand, there’s a subscription mode which will be perfect for the coffee addicts like me, there’s a 10% discount.