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Ravensburger 3D Puzzle – Review

I am sure you are well aware of the famous puzzle brand Ravensburger, a company that it has been around the world since 1883, and this means that they know everything about board games and puzzles and which is the best way to enjoy them!
I have to say that this is not my first 3D puzzle, I had one of the big moon hanging from my roof for almost all my teenage years, sadly I can not find it on their catalogue right now, so you’ll have to believe me! 😉 It was a Christmas present and I had so much fan mounting it and hang it on my bedroom! I know, I know, I always write too much instead of focusing on the product I am reviewing… sorry!
Let’s focus, this is not a product you’ll be able to buy in any store, but maybe you can find it on Ebay, because is a sample, not for sale! But sometimes, the samples are much greater than the product, like this small and cute world planet! It consists of 27 plastic pieces a little bit combed to make the puzzle a sphere instead of the ones we are used to, flat. Here is a little video of me doing this cute little world…

If you are scared that you will not able to do this type of puzzle, don’t worry, the pieces are numbered, making it really easy to do!
I know for some of you this little ball may seem a little useless, but for me, that I love having things hanging on the doors is perfect! I simply put a little ribbon inside of the world to be able to hang it anywhere, and of course it will be lovely to have it hanging on my Christmas tree!

There’s a large range of products with 3D puzzle if you take a look at the original Ravensburger page, I totally love the cute stationery products, that after doing the puzzle you can use them as decoration and useful things!

Do you like doing puzzles? Is there any brand that you totally adore? There’s one thing that I always like from the Ravensburger puzzles, the pieces only fit if they are in the correct place, sadly, not all the brands can say the same.
So, will any of these cute 3D puzzles be on your Christmas Wish list? Because there will be on mine for sure! 😉


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