I am sure you’ve seen the cute and original Hatchimals in any supermarket right now, and if you don’t have a child I am sure you’ll have no idea what are these little things that have started to take part of your life without knowing what they are! The Hatchimals are little pets, something like a Tamagotchi, do you remember them?
You can find the Hatchimals in different sizes, really, really small like the ones I am sharing with you today. Or big, that share the similar concept as the small ones, but with their own personality! Yes, now the toys have personalities and interact with the children, amazing isn’t it?

Let’s talk a little about the little cute and pretty Hatchimals, they all come inside an egg. You may ask, what do we do with an egg? You have to scratch it and discover which cute animal is inside! But before I forget, they are recommended for children older than 5 years, I don’t think it’s only for the small parts but also for the roll play with these little creatures.
The Royal Hatch are the sixth season of Hatchimals, and all have a special royal flair, you’ll see!
When you open your box you’ll find an egg, depending on the Royal of your friend the colour will change. I am always so unlucky to have the common ones, the ones that you’ll find more easily. There are 6 different types of Royal; Royals, Royal Treasures, Royal Mermals, Princess Pairs, Glitter Salon and the Royal Jewelry Box Dozen. Inside each type there are a lot of cute Hatchimals to discover! My favourite ones are the Glitter Salon, they look really cute, but I don’t expect to find them, I am always so unlucky…
Let’s talk a little about the egg, you have to warm the heart that is printed on it. It will change colour when it is warm enough for you to open it. I wanted to make a gift to share when the colour of the heart changes, but I was too late and I did it when I broke the egg!

Inside there was the “Royal Unikeet”, a little turquoise Unicorn with a crown, of course! I’ve learnt that if you break correctly the egg, there’s a small dish left to keep your little one warmer and in their own house!The Hatchimals little creatures are a little bit addictive, once you have one you want another one! Lucky for you there are a lot of different seasons and themes to discover, and a new 6.5 season soon to discover!
You can buy the Hatchimals on any toy store; Amazon, Smthys… and it will be your choice which size or season to choose! The one I had it is £2.99 on Amazon and is perfect to start your new collection, don’t you think?

I want to say thanks to SpinMaster for this little cutie, it was added on the BlogOn goodie bag and I love it.