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Wingston The Bat by Hotel Chocolat

Halloween is almost here, yes! So I am sure you’ve seen Halloween decorations everywhere and possibly at you home too! But today I want to talk about Halloween food, specially the delicious chocolate by Hotel Chocolat! Do you know the English brand Hotel Chocolat? They started in North London in 2004 and they believe in Originality, Authenticity and Ethics.

  • Originality: We’re constantly striving to be fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.
  • Authenticity: Chocolate starts at the roots of the cacao tree. So we got stuck in.
  • Ethics: You work too hard for bad chocolate. They work too hard for cheap cocoa. We’ve been raising the bar for cocoa-growing since 2002.

I really love chocolate, the problem is that being lactose intolerant there aren’t many chocolates I can eat and specially if I just like dark chocolate! So it was an amazing surprise when I discovered the delicious Vegan range from Hotel Chocolat. Vegan means that they don’t use milk, so it’s perfect for me if the products are dairy free! There is a very extensive Vegan range of products to choose, but only two products for Halloween and both of them with dark chocolate, I am sure that next year they will have something more!

Now let’s talk a little about Wingston The Bat, even the box is super cute, with a couple of wings to make it more bat looking! There are 16 super terrifying chocolates with 6 different shapes. The figures are thick (1 cm more or less) and at least 3 cm large; so don’t expect something small, you will not be able to eat them with just one bite, they will last a little bit longer

They are made with a 70% of Cocoa, smooth and delicious! They come wrapped individually in small plastic bags to make it easy to use as trick-or-treat! Let me be honest the chocolate is too good to share with anyone and I don’t think there will be any left in a couple of days, imagine a week!

I really like dark chocolate and I find difficult to find a good one with a special theme on them, so this is a really good product, maybe a little expensive for £8 but if you purchase 2 you’ll only pay £14!
I bought this product, in case your are wondering if I was given the product for free, this is an honest review without any interaction from the brand. But I’ve always loved Hotel Chocolat products, so it will be difficult to say something negative of them.


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