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Booja-Booja Chocolate Truffles

I love eating a little piece of chocolate while drinking my coffee; I normally eat a piece of dark chocolate but it's been years since I wanted to try the Booja-Booja chocolate brand, and they are yummy!The Booja-Booja is a brand that has won a lot of awards; tasty, vegan and organic; really what more… Continue reading Booja-Booja Chocolate Truffles

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Cocohagen Truffles

One thing that I love about traveling is discovering new products; food, stationery, fashion, design… New brands to discover and love! And, let’s be honest, after 20 years without visiting Denmark, there were a lot of brands that were unknown to me, for example Cocohagen. I have to say that the name brand “Cocohagen” it… Continue reading Cocohagen Truffles

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Wingston The Bat by Hotel Chocolat

Halloween is almost here, yes! So I am sure you've seen Halloween decorations everywhere and possibly at you home too! But today I want to talk about Halloween food, specially the delicious chocolate by Hotel Chocolat! Do you know the English brand Hotel Chocolat? They started in North London in 2004 and they believe in… Continue reading Wingston The Bat by Hotel Chocolat

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Plant Based Sources by Miki Mottes

I am not a vegan, but I think is always useful knew were you can find the basic calcium/iron/protein in case you want to make an alternative dish or try something different. Thanks to the creative Miki Mottes, here are these colourful charts to help you discover new foods! If you want to download these… Continue reading Plant Based Sources by Miki Mottes

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Cerealthy, Vegan Creamers

I've discovered recently that I was dairy intolerance, so I am always open to new creamers that contain no dairy on them, because even if I love my coffee, I always need a little bit of milk in it.That's why today I want to introduce you the Cerealthy, a Spanish brand that makes vegan creamer… Continue reading Cerealthy, Vegan Creamers

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Lavera, Getting inspired is the only thing we use them for.

I liked how the Vegan brand Lavera uses these beautiful animals eyes, simply to get inspired not using the animals to test their products!Let me say I didn't know Lavera, but let me say that after this pretty advert if I ever find any of their products I'll try them, for sure! ;)The source is… Continue reading Lavera, Getting inspired is the only thing we use them for.