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Deadly Silence by OMJ Ryan

Genre: Thriller
Source: Damppebbles

About The Book

Some sins can never be forgiven.
DI Jane Phillips was a star detective driven by a relentless quest for justice. But then she stepped outside the law.
Now, demoted and suffering with PTSD, she finds herself facing the deadliest threat of her career – a serial killer who is preying on vulnerable women, murdering them in a shocking and bizarre ritual.
A master of deception, he selects his victims at random. Or so it seems. But as Phillips investigates, she begins to see a method in the killer’s madness. Perhaps these victims aren’t random at all…
As the pressure mounts, can Phillips find the link between these ritual murders before the killer strikes again — or will her dogged determination to solve the case bring his deadly silence to her door?

My Thoughts

If you are looking for a fast-paced mystery with a strong main character and a twisted plot, this is your next read!
It seems that DI Jane Phillips is investigating a killer that leaves no traces and there’s no hints to know who did it or how to connect the victims… the work will be really difficult to discover the truth. But this is a really interesting police procedural story, not boring, I can assure you, but full of detail and interesting drops that will keep you glued to the story till the last page.
I always likes a strong main leader and of course if it’s a woman, it’s a win-win! Jane has a strong moral about what is right and wrong, making the case interesting and surprising.
I really like when the author leaves some hints on the book making the reader try to discover the truth before the detective solves it! Of course I will not tell you who the killer is, you’ll have to read the book to discover the truth!
I didn’t had the chance to read the previous book with DI Jane Phillips, but I am really happy that it has their own series now, I am sure I will not be the only one to love the book and wait impatiently for another interesting case!
Deadly Silence is an interesting investigation with some relatable characters and surprising ending. Ready?

About The Author

Hailing from Yorkshire, OMJ Ryan worked in radio and entertainment for over twenty years, collaborating with household names and accumulating a host of international writing and radio awards. In 2018 he followed his passion to become a full-time novelist, writing stories for people who devour exciting, fast-paced thrillers by the pool, on their commute – or those rare moments of downtime before bed. Owen’s mission is to entertain from the first page to the last.