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World Globe + Star Globe

I had a World Globe when I was a child and I loved to look at how many countries I would travel when I would be older, and I’ll have to say that I haven’t done the world in 80 days, but I’ve seen a few countries!

Today I want to share this surprising Kickstarter project with you, yes, another of these curious products that I find while searching around the web, this time an innovative World Globe, take a look.
It’s set on a simple omnidirectional stand that allows you to roll it in any direction, making it easy for you to find what you’re looking for or to discover some new countries. It’s quite light, so you won’t have any problem to pick it up to take a much deeper look!
And you want to know something special about this World Globe? It is that you can open it and discover a celestial map inside! Showcasing over 2500 stars and constellations visible to the naked eye. The two sides are united by a magnetic rim, so easy to stick together or open it, depending on your choice!

The magnetic poles allow the globe to spin on its axis with a removable time dial which lets you track daylight.

The outer physical world map features over 3200 points of interest with full views of each pole and a detailed topography.

If you back the project in the next 24 hours you’ll be able to back on the Super Early Bird, for only 103€, not cheap, true, but if you take a look at how much the World Globes are, you’ll see that with all the characteristics on this one it’s a deal!


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