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Hyundai Hydrogen-Powered Semi-Truck Concept

For the ones that follow me, maybe it will surprise them that I am sharing a car concept on my blog, but my blog is called “Varietats” that means “different things” in Catalan. So, today I think it’s time to talk a little bit about energy, because even if no one is aware of, there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of scientists working in green energy; solar, wind and now hydrogen.
So, today I want to talk a little about hydrogen, this video it would seem too simple, but it explains perfectly how Hydrogen works.

Maybe you’ll start thinking, why today are you sharing this? Because Hyundai has shared their new truck prototype using Hydrogen as fuel! It seems that things are changing, slowly, because this prototype it will not be available in 2030, but it seems that the big car companies are really listening to the needs to change and they are doing something!

The HDC-6 Neptune evolves the class 8 truck, with a really impressive design, in-cab technology and propulsion system. The concept is to move to a decarbonized society and the advancement of zero-emission vehicles. The HDC-6 Neptune concept was inspired by the streamliner railway trains that ran around 1930’s, an example of art deco industrial design, looking bold and iconic at the same time.
The name Neptune honors the Roman god of the seas, possibly the sea is the largest source of potential hydrogen fuel.
And with a hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain, the company said designers looked at the semi with a clean-sheet reinterpretation. One thing is very prominent, however, since the powertrain needs a lot of cooling, the grille stretches across the entire lower portion of the HDC-6 Neptune.
They are improving the transport trucks too with the HT nitro thermotech, where temperatures are reduced more quickly than a traditional refrigeration unit and maintained with precise control the desired temperatures. An intelligent control system and independent cooling power maximize thermal efficiency.
Let’s be honest, the interior seems better than any car…

I have no idea if they will change the design or the details, it seems a long path yet to 2030, so we’ll see how many changes it will have the impressive HDC-6 Neptune, for now looks amazing, here is a full video…

Do you think all the motor companies will start making the change or just a few of them? Do you believe in renewable energy?
The source is Designboom and


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