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Chocolate Emoji Maker by Zimply Kids – Product Review

Do you have any craft product that your kids love to play anytime? In my case it will be the Chocolate Emoji Maker by Zimply Kids!

You know that before talking about the product I like to explain a little bit more about the brand, so let’s talk a little bit about Zimply Kids trajectory. At Zimply Kids they design, manufacture, market and supply their own unique and innovative children’s toys. Their products are young and vibrant, safe and fun for children and parent’s playtime. And after trying their SnowBall Play (here is my review if you want to take a look) I know their products are safe and trustworthy for our little ones!

So, now is the turn to talk a little about Chocolate Emoji Maker, the perfect craft kit for any moment you need that your little one is distracted doing something fun!
First of all, the Chocolate Emoji Maker is suitable for kids of 4 or more years old, don’t worry if you are planning to use with younger ones, with your help they’ll be able to enjoy it too! And don’t worry, the product is high quality;

  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • 100% Belgian chocolate
  • No artificial contents
  • Gluten Free

Inside the package there are all the ingredients you’ll need to make your delicious emoji…

There are instructions, easy to follow and to let the little ones help with the process! Of course the first thing to do is to melt the chocolate with warm water! 😉 ( I left it for 5/8 minutes)

Then of course you have to start painting, they recommend dark chocolate first (I used a little spoon to flatten the chocolate, I think it makes the design much better!)

Then I added the white chocolate…

And last the milk chocolate…

After is recommended to let it cool for 20 minutes in the fridge… and voilà, you have your beautiful design! It looks so delicious that I couldn’t make any photo of the one he made, he ate it before I had the chance to stop him!

This has been a really interesting toy, interactive and perfect for the little ones to practice their drawing stills. My son loved every step of the process, preparing everything, drawing and eating the chocolate, of course!
You can buy it on Amazon for £9.99; perfect for this Christmas!


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