Are your kids missing the joyous moments to play with snow?
Thanks to Ztimplikids you’ll have the chance to play with snow and make your own snow battles at home! Yes, is not a joke, with just over a litre of water and some magic powder we will have some snow within minutes! I know it may seem a joke, but I can assure it is true, and let me say we had a lot of fun playing with it!
We just needed 1200 ml of water and one of the packets that are inside the package and with simply stirring the mix for a few minutes, we had snow in our hands!

I have to admit I was a little bit worried that my son wouldn’t want to play with the snow, he doesn’t like much to get his hands dirty, so it was a challenge seeing what would be his answer touching the mixture, and in the beginning he was not confident with it. But as soon as we showed him that the product was getting thicker and he could do some snowballs he really enjoyed it!

I would not recommend this product for kids less than 3 years and even if the product is nontoxic, it could be dangerous to have little kids playing with it without an adult supervision. Remember that the product doesn’t have harmful chemicals, it is environmentally safe and kind on the skin. This is a product for children and adults, to enjoy the snow without fear of melting and cold, you can make your own snow battles at your rear garden no matter the season!
In the SnoBall Play pack, you can make more than 30 snowballs, so be prepared for a lot of fun!
But just to let you know, you can also make other things with snow… 😛

If you are wondering the prize is really cheap, only £4.99 on Amazon!
I would like to thank Zimplikids for the sample toy and allowing us to have so much fun with it!