Being a book addict makes me fall in love with anything book related but if the product is a stationery product, I must have it in my hands!
That’s why today I want to share with you this beautiful set of cards and notebook from Chronicle Books, which have some book designs on them! They are really cute and are perfect any time, who doesn’t need a notebook to keep up with all the books they read? Or send a beautiful card to one of their bookish friends?

So today I want to share with you this beautiful set with notecards/envelopes a notebook collection. The designs are created by Guinevere de la Mare is a San Francisco–based writer, author, book lover, and the founder of Silent Book Club, a pop-up speakeasy for readers worldwide.
Do you know about the Silent Book Club? Is a totally new concept to me, but I would love to join one!

Often with traditional book clubs there’s the scramble to finish the assigned book, and the pressure to have something smart to say. Wouldn’t it be great to have a book club where you could just enjoy books, friends, and wine—without any homework? That’s how the Silent Book Club started! 😉

Let’s talk a little bit about these perfect stationery products, I can’t stop looking and touching them!
The Notecards & Envelopes contain 10 different designs (2 of each one) and 20 envelopes. They have a shiny cover but mat inside, making perfect to write anything you want inside! They are a little bit smaller than the normal notecard’s size, but I think it would fit much better inside a book to write a special note to someone!
The designs of the notecards are really beautiful, take a look at them…

And the envelopes have a special design inside to fit the bookish theme! 😉

Then, there’s the Lined Notebooks, of course with a bookish cover. The package comes with 3 notebooks with 64 pages each, handy and soft it will be perfect to keep my book reviews up to date! The cover designs are on both sides of the notebooks and the photos are about books too, I love them!

I’ve tried different types of inks on them…

As you can see the paper is really thick, you can use any type of pen or fountain pen and the ink will not cross the paper at all! A really good paper if you ask me…

I think this is an amazing stationery set, perfect to give, to enjoy or simply to look at. They are sold by the publishers Chronicle Books, one of the favourite publishers in my opinion! They have all type of book related products, always original, surprising and that will put a smile on the face to anyone, really!
So, if you want to take a deepest look this beautiful stationery set here is the link to the Notecards and the Notebooks.
I would like to thank Chronicle Books to send me this beautiful stationery set, I loved it!