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The Beginning and End of Us by Rose James

Genre: Romance
Source: Bookouture

About The Book

I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I willed the thought to fly to you, so you’d know how hard it was to leave you behind. That was the night I lost you, and gained myself.
Born in a honeysuckle-choked garden deep in the forest, Aphrodite – young, sensitive and beautiful – learns her true purpose in the world moments before she’s cast out of the only home she’s ever known.
Haunted by loneliness, she begins a journey to fulfill her destiny. It is a path that will lead her into the arms of four very different men – a dreamer, a fighter, an artist and a lost soul. All human, all flawed and all on their own journeys of painful self-discovery.
But could it be the secrets she left behind – and the one person she thought she had lost forever – that hold the answers to the questions she’s seeking? For while life may take you unexpected places, truth will bring you home…
An unputdownable, life-affirming epic, filled with ordinary yet extraordinary people, The Beginning and End of Us is a magical story in which you will recognise yourself, from the sweetness of a rain-drenched first kiss to the terrible pain when you realise it’s finally over.

My Thoughts

How many times have you fallen in love deeply? Because this is a story not about characters but the feelings of love, how deep and pure is the love you feel for the person you love.
This is the story of a tragedy, when Aphrodite has to leave her house and spend her life falling in love again and again, from people around the world, without any possibility to change her path, because her faith is to always find the perfect one till the next one…
This is possibly not the story you’ll be expecting when you’ll start reading this book, but it’s always interesting reading something surprising and original that you are not used to, don’t you think?
I think this is a book to read when you have a broken heart and need to remember that there’s love everywhere, the perfect man is around the corner and you only have to find him! There will be pain before the healing but the bittersweet memories will always be with you.
I especially like how the author relates the feelings with music, for me, every important moment in my life has a song related to it; a ballad, a rock song, a sad song… there’s never a song that I love that doesn’t have strong feelings attached. I always loved music but I think it’s true that a song can heal you or can break you, depending on the moment you listen it and the feelings you are searching on it!
This is a book you should have in hand in the need of a happy memory or that there’s always an end in every tunnel. The Beginning and End of Us is a book for the romantic ones that love to be in love!

About The Author

Rose James’ debut novel, The Beginning and End of Us was shortlisted in the Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller competition in 2014, and after a lot of rewriting and personal ups and downs, she’s delighted that it’s being published through Bookouture.
Rose has been addicted to reading and writing for almost as long as she can remember, and she’s currently working towards a Creative Writing MA (distance learning) with Lancaster University.
Among her other favourite things to do are travelling, making connections with fascinating people, and playing and writing music, all of which she thinks translate into her writing. Living in gorgeous Shropshire, she’s endlessly inspired by the beautiful landscape and historical architecture, which makes it very easy to daydream – perhaps too easy!