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Nosey Cat Flap Pony by Libby Lake

Genre: Picture Book
Source: Faye Rogers PR

About The Book

The tiddliest of ponies with wondersome wings was buzzing around examining things. What would you do if a teensy tiny, flying pony busily bustled into your house? This hilarious, heart-warming story shows how being inquisitive can be a good thing!

Guest Post

Favourite Things About Writing The Book

I sat with my 6-year old daughter in the kitchen as she drew squeaky, fairy-liquid circles on the old, pine table. ‘I don’t know how to write a story.’ she moaned loudly. ‘What shall I write for school? I mean, how do you just make things up?’
Good question’, I thought. ‘How do I answer that one?’ ‘Well’ I said, ‘You find something very every-day, then add an unusual twist and something quite magical happens. It could start with anything every day.
So, look over there at that cap flap. What do you think would happen if a teensy pony just fell through it?’ My daughter’s eyes popped out on stalks – she was pony mad… ‘You see, that’s what happened to me last week!’
‘Wow, really. Have you actually seen a teeny pony, Mum, really? Tell me, tell me. What did it do?’
‘Let me try to remember. Did I mention that he was a flying pony? Well, when he picked himself up off the ground he zoomed madly around, nearly getting himself tangled in my hair (which is, admittedly, rather boisterous at the best of times). My daughter chortled loudly. ‘My turn’, she yelled, ‘I saw him too. He was silvery-white like a unicorn. He was so funny, Mummy, he chased the cat!’
Once the little pony had dashed into our world, he became larger than life for all of us and a great friend!
When I was cutting a loaf of bread, I could see him dash across the work tops to sniff the butter and put his hoof in the jam. If I stood on a chair to change a lightbulb, he would zoom past my nose and perch on the curtain rail, snickering loudly. My children and I would think up countless scrapes for him as we drove through country lanes to school in the morning.
It was a good few years until I started to write the book. It just so happened to be a beautiful summer’s day and I had just come back from a long dog walk in the park. I sat with my good friend, Gary, in his sunlit conservatory being fed ample vats of coffee surrounded by lashings of his good humour. I wasn’t actually intending doing anything much at all that day, rather, I was idly doodling on a piece of paper and feeling remarkably mellow. Then suddenly, like magic, a line of words fell onto the paper. From nowhere, two other lines of quickly followed. Gary looked on in absolute amazement (and, frankly, so did I). The Cat Flap Pony was obviously bored of waiting to for me to introduce him to you, he finally decided to kick his story out of me when I wasn’t looking!
And that is the true story about how the book came to be.
So many thanks to my family for sharing their wonderful pony adventures with me over many years. Plus thank you to everyone at Clink Publishing, who have been great to have on board and a pleasure to work with. Finally, special thanks go to Nick Roberts, who has produced the most outstanding illustrations. I hope all you readers have as much pleasure reading about The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flat Pony, as I had writing about him!

About The Author

Anna was born in St Albans in Hertfordshire. She studied law at Aberystwyth University prior to qualifying as a solicitor. Since then Anna has worked in the City in headhunting/coaching, set up a charity and helps build tech start-ups.
Her writing career began in 2010 when she wrote her first play, ‘Trial by Ego’ which was first produced in 2011. ‘The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony’ is Anna’s first children’s book.
Anna has two teenage children and lives on the South Coast.