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The Other You by J.S. Monroe

Genre: Psychological Thriller
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Rating: 5/5

About The Book

Kate used to be good at recognising people. So good, she worked for the police, identifying criminals in crowds of thousands. But six months ago, a devastating car
accident led to a brain injury. Now the woman who never forgot a face can barely recognise herself in the mirror.
At least she has Rob. Young, rich, handsome and successful, Rob runs a tech company on the idyllic Cornish coast. Kate met him just after her accident, and he nursed her back to health. When she’s with him, in his luxury modernist house, the nightmares of the accident fade, and she feels safe and loved.
Until, one day, she looks at Rob anew. And knows, with absolute certainty, that the man before her has been replaced by an impostor.
Is Rob who he says he is? Or is it all in Kate’s damaged mind?

My Thoughts

Do you know if you have a double in some part of the world? And that if you meet them twice they will steal your life?
This is the only thing you have to know before reading this book, nothing more, nothing less! It will blow your mind with all the twists and turns during the story, and I can’t stop to recommend it!
What would you think if you wake up one day and you can’t recognise your partner? Kate is recovering from a fatal car accident, she has some lacks of memory and she is not herself yet. So when one day she wakes up and there are some strange things with her boyfriend Rob, she has to think twice if she is ill or someone is passing for Rob?
I will say that I loved how the story is written, making the reader distrust everyone and not sure what to believe or which answer is the correct! And let me tell you a secret, I loved the ending! Sometimes what makes you remember the book is not the plot but how the author connects all the dots, and this time has been done brilliantly!
I would have liked to know a little more about Kate’s job helping the police, I didn’t get much the job she was doing… Searching for specific faces from wanted people… But why did she hate it so much? I suppose all the questions I have will remain unsolved, but let me say that I love when a book makes you think and question yourself, it means that it will stay with you for a long time!
I don’t want to tell you much about the plot just in case I make a spoiler, simply take my advice and read it, you’ll have a great time!
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Yes! I am lucky to share the first chapter of the book. Ready?

She used to be good at faces. So good they paid her. If you were living a lie, she would see it in your eyes. She could spot an impostor at a hundred yards. And she only had to pass you once in the street to remember your face forever.
‘Kate?’ Rob calls up the stairs. ‘You coming?’
Kate glances at herself in the bedroom mirror. Rob is taking her to a new place today, a secret beach somewhere on the south coast. It’s a change from their normal Saturday. Usually they begin with a swim in the bay, followed by coffee at their favourite café overlooking the harbour. Double espresso for him, flat white for her. Rob likes his routine.
‘Just a sec,’ she says.
He’s by the front door, ready to go, but she knows it will take him a few more seconds to switch on all the alarms. The house is like Fort Knox. She leans in closer to the mirror in their bedroom, searching for a clue in her face, a telltale sign that the thirty-three-year-old woman smiling back at her is not quite as blissed up as she seems. Nothing. Her eyes are dancing, happiness radiating from every pore of her sun-kissed skin.
‘Kate?’ Rob calls out again, above a cacophony of beeping alarms.
‘Coming,’ she says, skipping down the stairs to join him in the vast hall. Stretch, the smooth-haired dachshund puppy he’s bought her, trots in from the kitchen.
‘See you later, little legs,’ she says, scooping Stretch up to kiss him goodbye. He normally comes everywhere with her, but in another break with routine, Rob has asked that this morning he stay behind. ‘Sure he won’t set off the alarms? He’s not very good at staying on his bed.’
‘The system’s smarter than that,’ Rob says. ‘Knows a naughty dog when it sees one.’
An hour later, they are walking arm in arm across a small beach that can only be reached by descending a treacherous cliff path. Behind it, granite rocks rise up like a giant stage curtain. The tide is turning, leaving a pool of deep, turquoise water trapped by a bar of rippled sand that bisects the mouth of the cove. On either flank, the steep rocks flat ten out as they extend into the sea. They’ve got the beach to themselves and no one passed them on the coast path.

About The Author

J.S. Monroe read English at Cambridge, worked as a foreign correspondent in Delhi,and was Weekend editor of theDaily Telegraphin London before becoming a full-time writer. Monroe is the author of six novels, including the international bestseller,Find Me