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The Beach House by P.R. Black – Blog Tour + Extract

Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The Beach House by P.R. Black

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: Aria
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

This vacation is about to turn deadly…
Cora’s on the island vacation of her dreams: a private beach in paradise, a romantic proposal, and an eight-figure cheque following the sale of her new fiancé’s business.
When their island turns out to be not so private after all, Cora tries to make the best of a bad situation by inviting their strangely friendly neighbours to celebrate with them.
But it doesn’t take long for her once-in-a-lifetime holiday to take a very sinister turn…

My Thoughts

A couple, Cora and Jonathan, are having their dreamed holidays and to put the icing on the cake they’ve just got engaged! Yes, this is a thriller, so you can expect that there will be surprises and twists, of course!
I liked the story, but I suppose I’ve read so many mystery and thrillers that knowing that Cora and Jonathan have booked a private island to then discover another couple staying near them, my alarms start sounding out loud! Yes, I suppose you can say I have a devious mind and I was expecting the worst of it! So no surprises on this side…!
But, let’s talk about the characters, they are very well written and detailed; you don’t know who to trust or which twist will be waiting for the reader on the next page. The story is so well plotted and described that any reader will feel transported to the island with Cora and Jonathan; walking through the beach, swimming with sharks… the adventure you are searching seating on your favourite sofa with a hot chocolate!
I would recommend this book to anyone that loves a twisted story with a beautiful landscape and some intriguing characters! Because “The Beach House” is much more than a house, it is the story you’ll breath in just a few hours as addictive as it is! Ready?


Jonathan wasn’t exactly cash poor as it was. Geek Goggles was his creation, a virtual reality environment where people could meet, fight or fall in love, in the guise of fantasy characters such as orcs, wizards, elves, dragons, and barbarians in furry pants. Geek Goggles used several fantasy ‘zones’ for people to operate in, such as alien planets or haunted houses. The 3D worlds grew and became more detailed, incorporating VR technology such as Oculus Rift. It had started as a type of game, where people could meet and go on quests, or missions, or even fight each other. But people soon noticed something strange was happening.
In an almost organic process, people used it as a dating app. Soon this element overtook all others, and Geek Goggles became, primarily, a way of searching for love–in the online garb of fantasy creatures. The brand grew from there; in a matter of months, the firm was being profiled in the mainstream media, and Jonathan had even
delivered a comically upbeat performance on the BBC Breakfast sofa– Naga Munchetty had laughed at his jokes, and Cora had suffered a pang of jealousy so
acute she asked her own tear-stained reflection in the mirror: ‘Is this the path to the Dark Side?’
Geek Goggles crossed into the mainstream, often on the back of its notoriety for having split up as many relationships as it synthesised. People had got married on
Geek Goggles in special ceremonies, attended by an audience of millions–on some occasions, without ever having met in real life.
Every now and then, Geek Goggles had other real-life consequences, with a couple of murders having taken place on the strength of it.
In the project’s second year – Cora and Jonathan’s fifth as a couple–money had begun to flow in. But this was on a different level entirely.
Jonathan arched an eyebrow. ‘You want to press the button? Seal the deal?’
‘I’m not pressing anything. Is this real? This isn’t some kind of joke?’
‘I tell you what–I’ll press the button, and you answer the phone.’
‘What do you mean?’
Jonathan’s finger hovered over the mouse pad. He was drinking this moment in, Cora sensed, fixing it in his memory.
Then he jabbed the left-hand button. He bit his thumb as the screen washed over in pure white for a moment. Then an immense green tick appeared, before moving on to an acknowledgement screen. Almost instantly, Jonathan’s phone began to chirp.

About The Author

Author and journalist PR Black lives in Yorkshire, although he was born and brought up in Glasgow. When he’s not driving his wife and two children to distraction with all
the typing, he enjoys hillwalking, fresh air and the natural world, and can often be found asking the way to the nearest pub in the Lake District. His short stories have
been published in several books including the Daily Telegraph’s Ghost Stories and the Northern Crime One anthology. His Glasgow detective, Inspector Lomond, is
appearing in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine. He took the runner-up spot in the 2014 Bloody Scotland crime-writing competition with “Ghostie Men”. His work has
also been performed on stage in London by Liars’ League. He has also been shortlist ed for the Red Cross International Prize, the William Hazlitt essay prize and the Bridport Prize

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