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Moonlight Kisses at Willow Tree Hall by Alison Sherlock

Genre: Romance
Source: Aria

About The Book

Romance blossoms under the stars in this feelgood love story for fans of Milly Johnson and Heidi Swain. Lily Harper is an events organiser, but her neat, ordered world has just exploded. First she lost her job, then she lost her fiancé. Her five-year plan is looking increasingly shaky. Lost and lonely, Lily heads home to her childhood village, and accepts the position of live-in housekeeper at the grand but welcoming Willow Tree Hall. It’s not exactly her dream job – Lily is more used to arranging parties than pantries – but at least she’s working. Her first task is to arrange the Willow Tree Hall summer fete. Lily is in her element, writing to-do lists and organising bunting and baking – until her old flame Jack Carter turns up in the village. Lily hasn’t seen Jack in over ten years, when he sped off on his motorbike, taking with him the pieces of her broken heart. Lily vowed she would never forgive him. But as Willow Tree Hall weaves its magic, Lily finds she might just give Jack a second chance after all… Full of warmth, tears, love and laughter, this is a gripping romance for fans of Heidi Swain and Philippa Ashley.


But as Lily reached down for the bags, she glanced back at the man’s feet, which were sticking out from behind the tree trunk, and was struck by the familiar blue of the shoes. That is odd, she thought. They look just like… And then the man stepped forward.
Lily drew in a shocked breath as she stared up at Mark. His immaculate navy suit was covered in tiny little leaves that had fallen from the tree. At least he had the grace to look embarrassed whilst they stood there in stunned silence.
‘You have lipstick on your face,’ she finally blurted out.
He brought out a handkerchief and wiped away the traces of scarlet from his lips, the silence stretching out between them as she watched. After he had put his  handkerchief back into his pocket and finally made eye contact with her, she exploded.
‘I don’t believe it,’ she told him, reeling from what she had witnessed. ‘Two years of going out and I can’t believe you chose tonight of all nights to cheat on me. I thought we were happy! I thought you were going to propose!’ ‘I wasn’t,’ he suddenly snapped, coming back to life. ‘You thought I was going to propose.’ He rolled his eyes. ‘And God forbid we should step away from your wretched life plan!’
She gave a start. ‘What do you mean by that?’
‘I mean, our whole lives have been mapped out according to you! When we get engaged, married, kids… It’s exhausting!’
Lily was shocked. How had this become her fault?
‘I thought you loved me,’ she told him, the pain causing her words to thicken in her throat.
‘You don’t give anyone a chance to love you,’ he told her. ‘You’re so busy organising everyone and making them feel insecure that you don’t give anyone a chance. Especially when they muck up and make a mistake. If they’re not perfect, you shut down on them.’
‘I’m not like that,’ she told him quickly.
His handsome face was staring stonily at her now. ‘It makes you cold, Lily. Ice cold. You’re like some kind of robot on automatic pilot.’
Tears stung her eyes. He really thought she was that bad? Surely he understood why she had closed her emotions off for so long? That the pain in her past had made
her the way she was?

About The Author

Alison Sherlock loves to write stories full of warmth, laughter, love and friendships including her debut novel The Desperate Bride’s Diet Club which reached No 1 in the Italian book charts. Her latest series of books focuses on the lives and loves, trials and tribulations of all those who live and work at Willow Tree Hall, a crumbling stately home in the countryside. Alison lives in Surrey with her husband where she loves going for long walks in the country.