Ready to enjoy an amazing read this 2020? Take a look at this great book…

The 24-Hour Cafe by Libby Page

Genre: Fiction
Source: Compulsive Readers
Publisher: Orion Books
Rating: 4/5

About The Book

Welcome to the café that never sleeps. Day and night Stella’s Café opens its doors for the lonely and the lost, the morning people and the night owls. It is many things to many people but most of all it is a place where life can wait at the door. A place of small kindnesses. A place where anyone can be whoever they want, where everyone is always welcome.
Meet Hannah and Mona: best friends, waitresses, dreamers. They work at Stella’s but they dream of more, of leaving the café behind and making their own way in life.
Come inside and spend twenty-four hours at Stella’s Café; a day when Hannah and Mona’s friendship will be tested, when the community will come together and when lives will be changed…

My Thoughts

Do you like coffee shops? Have you ever wondered how are the lives of the people that are serving you? Because they have been looking at you and possibly making your life much easier without you noticing it… Ready to discover the life in your favourite cafe for the next 24 hours?
I’ll say from the beginning that this had been a curious story. Shared in the perspective of two waitress, we’ll see how their lives and friendship will change forever in just 24 hours. Don’t expect tragedy, it’s a sweet story, but expect a lot of love and happiness!
The story is told in first person between all the characters that cross the cafe during these 24 hours. Their dreams, hopes and thoughts; their problems and fears… It felt like you are in the coffee shop with all of them, like another customer, feeling the smell of the coffee and pancakes! Their stories are so tender and real that I would have loved to know more about them!
Hannah and Mona are the main characters, we will discover their past and their friendly relationship till the present. I’ll admit that I didn’t like much Hannah and in the end I felt like there was something missing in her story. But, on the other side, Mona was delightful and with a big heart, I would love to discover more about her new life and how things continue with her. I hope the author reads my review and thinks about making a second part of the story!
This is a heart warming story, it will leave you with a smile for the rest of the day, don’t doubt it! 😉

About The Author

Libby Page wrote The Lido while working in marketing and moonlighting as a writer. The Lido has sold in over twenty territories around the world and film rights have been sold to Catalyst Global Media. Libby lives in London where she enjoys finding pockets of community within the city