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The Coldest Warrior by Paul Vidich

Genre: Thriller
Publisher: No Exit Press
Source: Random Things Tours
Rating: 4/5
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About The Book

In 1953, at the end of the Korean War, Dr. Charles Wilson, an Army bio-weapons scientist, died when he “jumped or fell” from the ninth floor of a Washington hotel. As his wife and children grieve, the details of his death remain buried for twenty-two years.
With the release of the Rockefeller Commission report on illegal CIA activities in 1975, LSD is linked to Wilson’s death, and suddenly the Wilson case becomes news again. Wilson’s family and the press are demanding answers, suspecting the CIA of foul play, and men in the CIA, FBI, and White House conspire to make sure the truth doesn’t get out.
Enter agent Jack Gabriel, an old friend of the Wilson family who is instructed by the CIA director to find out what really happened to Wilson. It’s Gabriel’s last mission before he retires from the agency, and his most perilous as he finds a continuing cover-up that reaches to the highest levels of government. Key witnesses connected to the case die from suspicious causes, and Gabriel realizes that the closer he gets to the truth, the more he puts himself and his family at risk.

My Thoughts

An unstoppable intriguing read that will leave you wondering if the “spies” are as cool as you always thought or they are more dangerous and cold hearted that you ever imagine.
The Coldest Warrior is a fiction book based on a true story, in 1953 a government scientist died one night and no one clarified if he jumped or fell from a window in a Washington hotel. 25 years later they don’t have a clear answer about the acts, but agent Jack Gabriel will not stop till he uncovers what had really happened that night. Ready?
It’s been a while since I’ve read a good spy story and this was delightful! The fear all the time, the need to know that there’s no one hiding behind the corners or that there will not be a mystery bullet killing Gabriel in the last minute… This had been my short/long story in this book, heart pumping all the time and scared of how the book will end, for sure I can not be a spy, I am too scared!
This had been a very well plotted story, it makes the reader unable to stop reading the book till the end, it helps, of course that the book is not very long, so you’ll be able to finish in one afternoon, because let’s be honest, once you’ll start reading you’ll not be able to put it down!
It reminded me a little bit of the movie “Torn Curtain” by Alfred Hitchcock, the constant fear of the characters without being sure who to trust, because if you trust the wrong person maybe there will be no tomorrow.
I really hope that they will make a movie of this book, I will be the first one to watch it!
The Coldest Warrior will not let you do anything else while you are reading it, so be prepared.

About The Book

Paul Vidich has had a distinguished career in music and media. Most recently, he served as Special Advisor to AOL and was Executive Vice President at the Warner Music Group, in charge of technology and global strategy. He serves on the Board of Directors of Poets & Writers and The New School for Social Research. A founder and publisher of the Storyville App, Vidich is also an award winning author of short fiction. His previous novels, An Honorable Man and The Good Assassin, are also available from No Exit Press.