The cat family or the Felidae comprises of 40 species of wild cats, of which, 15 are found in India. Big cats which include Tiger, lion, leopard, Snow Leopard belong to the subfamily Pantherinae, while 10 other species of smaller wild fields belong to the subfamily Felinae.
Unfortunately, these species face serious threats. Prominent among these are poaching, human-wildlife conflict, trade in fur and bones and habitat destruction. Apex predators, such as the cats, are especially prone to extinction because they are the first to be affected by unsustainable development and exploitation. One species, the Asiatic Cheetah, has already become extinct in the wild in India.
WWF India sees these specieas as critical to India’s wildlife conservation. Conservation actions to safeguard the future of these cats are carried out at field as well as policy levels. WWF India also works with the state forest departments and local communities to manage conflict issues as well as raise awareness among villagers about the importance of conserving these species.

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