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Coming Up For Air by Sarah Leipciger

Genre: General Fiction
Publisher: Transworld
Source: Random Things Tours

About The Book

On the banks of the River Seine in 1899, a young woman takes her final breath before plunging into the icy water. Although she does not know it, her decision will set in motion an astonishing chain of events. It will lead to 1950s Norway, where a grieving toy-maker is on the cusp of a transformative invention, all the way to present-day Canada where a journalist, battling a terrible disease, risks everything for one last chance to live.
Taking inspiration from a remarkable true story, Coming Up for Air is a bold, richly imagined novel about the transcendent power of storytelling and the immeasurable impact of every human life.

My Thoughts

This is a curious story beautifully related, three main characters on their worst moments connected by water; three moments of the story connected in time.
Reading this book was like immersing in a deep sea, where everything was moving slow-paced but beautifully, like a piece of ballet, that you can’t stop watching no matter if it makes you cry or happy. Because I think this is the power of water, the way it transforms everything in a simple movement, it makes disappear your feelings. That’s possibly why the characters of the story are connected; they all have some type of suffering; the loss of a loved one, the pain of an illness and the pain of a heartbreak… but will they find what they are searching in water?
The story is based on a real sad story of a body of a woman which was found at the Seine in 1880; possibly a tragic story, but it was never discovered.
This is not the typical story, but it’s really easy to enter in and understand the main characters and their feelings, you’ll feel their emotions on your skin and bring you more connected with your thoughts. Yes, this is a deep and emotive read, but I really enjoyed the story, with short chapters told between the different characters you’ll be unable to put it down.
Coming Up For Air is a book to read with a group, so many details to comment and re-read the story to pick even the small pieces. Let’s be honest, only the cover transmits so many emotions that you can expect a full turbulence on your read! Ready?

About The Author

Sarah Leipciger was born in Peterborough, Canada. She spent her teenage years in Toronto, later moving to Vancouver Island to study Creative Writing and English literature at the University of Victoria. Leipciger left Canada in 2001 for Korea and South East Asia, and currently lives in London with her three children, where she teaches creative writing to men in prison. She is also a Creative Writing tutor at CityLit, and a pursuing a PhD in Creative Writing at Goldsmiths University.